Connect the Business Intelligence Platform!

This tool helps managers make the right decisions based on internal data of their companies

Monitor acquisition, retention and monetization of customers in one place!

Base on data provided by your software, this analytics platform calculates more than 40 metrics that every CEO/CFO must have

Explore analytics platform

Satisfaction & Reviews

Customers Acquisition

Retention and Monetization

Cash flow analysis

Don't do extra, do right!

Increase the company effectiveness by making data-driven decisions. Automate Big Data collection and analysis through this platform

Notice problems and act quickly!

The platform helps you notice opportunities and troubles on early stages
You will act not blindly and see the results visualised in numbers and charts

Know your customers like never before!

The platform provides behaviour-driven and source based segmentation
You can separately track customers having unique behaviours or coming from different channels

Estimate dynamic of growth and ROI

The platform extrapolates current business state for the future and explains when the break-even point will be reached
It helps build an effective investment strategy

Take business under control!