Operational report[Read help topic]

Select periods via charts and use filters to get sigmentated report

Segmentation by source
Segmentation by behavior
Analysed until
Last data time

Active audience size

Cumulative cashflow

Metrics namesNo dataUnits
Base users information
Number of accounts--Clients
Number of active users--Clients
New active users--Clients
Returned active users--Clients
Active users churn--Clients
Active user lifetime--Periods
Detractors number--Clients
Passives number--Clients
Promoters number--Clients
Average Promoter Score--Points
Active users engangment--Points
Sales funnel
New active users--Clients
New customers--Clients
Paying customers
Number of paying customers--Clients
Number of new customers--Clients
Customers churn--Clients
Returned customers--Clients
Customer lifetime--Periods
Virality Factor--[Coefficient]
Total revenue---
Av. Revenue per user (ARPU)---
Revenue churn---
Revenue new---
Returned amount---
Revenue expansion---
Revenue contraction---
Total for period---
Costs of Goods---
Unit Economics
Lifetime Value (LTV)---
Accqusition Costs (CAC)---
LTV to CAC Ratio--[Coefficient]
Periods to payback CAC--Periods
Finance results
Net Profit---
Cumulative Profit---
Gross Margin---
Cash flows[Read help topic]

Here you can add investments or dividends for specified date. After some analyze it will be included in Report.

ROI playground[Read help topic]

Here you can see what dynamic of your business is. Change some values to estimate best possible movements.

Cumulative cash flow estimation

Cashflow calculator

Costs of goods
Net Revenue Churn (%)
Initial users
Periods Number
Reviews of customers[Read help topic]

Here you can get feedbacks and promotion score from customers by the specified period.